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Instant Coffee

We are offering the various types of Instant coffee that is made available for use in various commercial and residential uses. The offered coffee is completely organic and is very safe for consumption. Coffee is made available in various flavors like hazelnut, almonds and others. They are delicious and have a sweet aroma. The offered coffee is very authentic and can be used in various places like hotels, restaurants and houses. They are very useful and effective. The offered Instant coffee is easy to make and does not require any special preparation. It is offered in various types like Mysore Nuggets, Almond Flavoured Coffee and many others for effective use.
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Monsoon Malabar

Price: 276 INR/Carton

Monsoon Malabar is a process applied to coffee beans. The name Monsoon Malabar is derived from exposure to the monsoon winds of the Malabar coast. The blend is heavy bodied, pungent and considered to be dry with a musty, chocolaty aroma and notes of spice and nuts.

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Mysore Nuggets

Price: 370 INR/Carton

Mysore Nuggets are the best Indian coffee beans. The refreshing sweet aroma of the Mysore Nuggets is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. The taste of the Mysore Nuggets coffee is a wonderful blend of tangy acidity and sugary sweetness.

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Cardamom flavoured coffee

Price: 927 INR/Carton

Smoky Cardamom flavoured coffee with its intensely bold flavour to give a mouthful of sheer delight

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Hazelnut flavoured coffee

Price: 1015 INR/Carton

Exotic Hazelnut flavoured coffee to render the deliciously creamy notes of Hazelnut

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Caramel Flavoured Coffee

Price: 1303 INR/Carton

Gooey Caramel flavoured coffee with its decadently creamy sweet flavour, to give your sweet tooth an instant delight

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Choco Orange flavoured coffee

Price: 960 INR/Carton

Tangy Choco Orange flavoured coffee with the most amazing combination of rich chocolate and zesty orange

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Almond Flavoured Coffee

Price: 831 INR/Carton

Nutty Almond flavoured coffee with its robust aroma is the perfect recipe to kick-start your day.

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Vanilla Flavoured Coffee

Price: 838 INR/Carton

Creamy Vanilla flavoured coffee with its smooth velvety aroma and texture

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Levista Strong Coffee 200gms Standy Pouch

Price: Rs.250 INR/Carton

Strong Coffee

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Levista Premium Coffee 200 gms Standy Pouch

Price: Rs.295 INR/Carton

A fine blend of 80% Coffee and 20% Chicory, prepard from the highest quality of Arabica and Robusta beans and blended with high quality chicory. Savour a refreshingly unique coffee experience.

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Levista Extra Strong Coffee 1 kg pillow Pack

Price: Rs.595 INR/Carton

Extra Strong Coffee

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Levista Strong Coffee 200gms Can

Price: Rs.250 INR/Carton

Strong Coffee

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Levista Premium Coffee 200gms Can

Price: Rs.295.01 INR/Carton

Premium Instant Coffee

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Levista Strong Coffee 100 gms Standy Pouch

Price: Rs.130 INR/Carton

Strong Instant Coffee

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Levista Classic 50 gms Standy Pouch

Price: Rs.110 INR/Carton

Pure Instant Coffee

Product Image (L3)

Levista Classic 200 gms Coffee in Standy Pouch

Price: Rs.395.01 INR/Carton

Pure Coffee Powder

Product Image (L2)

Levista 100 gms Standy Pouch

Price: 215 INR/Carton

Pure Instant Coffee

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Levista Premium Coffee 100 gms Standy Pouch

Price: Rs.155 INR/Carton

Premium Coffee

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Arabica Beans ( Unwashed )

Price: 200 INR/Carton

Unwashed Arabica Coffee is also Known as Arabica Cherry / Plantation Cherry. Dry process is also known as unwashed or natural coffee. It is the oldest method of processing coffee. The entire cherry after getting harvest is first cleaned and then placed in the sun to dry on tables or in thin layers on patios. It creates a coffee heavy in body but remains sweet, very smooth and complex.

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Arabica Beans ( Washed )

Price: 225 INR/Carton

Washed Arabica Coffee is also Known as Plantation Coffee. It is the finest among all the coffee beans. In the wet process, the fruit covering the seeds / beans is removed before they are dried. Coffee processed by the wet method is called wet processed or washed coffee. The wet method requires the use of specific equipment and substantial quantities of water.

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Agglomerated Coffee

Price: 525 INR/Carton

Agglomerated coffee is a coffee to which after being dried, powder is added and then an additional steam belt or steam curtain process is applied which causes the particles to bind together thus, forming granules. ... The water is extracted in a controlled process, yielding large, golden coffee crystals.

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Instant Coffee Spray Dried

Price: 488 INR/Carton

liquid coffee is sprayed in a fine mist through very hot and dry air. By the time the coffee droplets land, they have dried into a powder.


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