Get refreshed with our instant Coffee, Green Coffee Beans, Filter Coffee, Chicory Based products, etc. and relish the perfect aroma..

About Us

Coffee is the second most widely consumed beverage all over the world. It has become a vital part of our day to day routine. The aroma of coffee seems to be a relaxing, stress free agent for people these days. For a group of people together for a meet, discussion or sharing common interest, what is better than having a cup of coffee. For a perfect coffee drinking experience people usually prefer going coffee houses and cafes. Hence, to give this aroma of coffee easily at home with the similar taste we, SLN Coffee Pvt. Ltd. established ourselves as a promising company years back to spread pleasure that can be enjoyed by the masses all over the world.

To give refreshing morning start to coffee lovers and making their tiring days stress free, we have emerged as a trustworthy Manufacturer, Trader and Exporter of a variety of coffee products such as Instant coffee prepared powder, Costa Rica Coffee,Robusta Coffee Beans, Green coffee beans, Agglomerated instant coffee, Filter coffee etc. People of different age brackets can enjoy our coffee with various types, flavors and brews.

Our Specialization Chicory Based Products

We are into Chicory processing company works from Chicory Farm to Finish products i.e from Chicory Seed to Spray Dried Chicory Powder. We have in house production of all these products. We are into this business from last 16 years and are the major supplier of Nestle India as well as Nestle Abroad. This year we had procured around 24000 MT of Dried Chicory Cubes.

We have continuous Extraction plant for uniformity in taste of the chicory liquid. We have our spray drying unit. Most (95%) of the companies in India are just doing trading. We are the only company in India who works from Chicory Seed, Growing and Processing of Chicory to Spray Dried Instant Chicory Powder under one roof.

We are the biggest manufacturer and Exporter of Chicory & we supply good quantity of liquid chicory and spray dried powder to many buyers in India as well as abroad. Further looking forward to serve you as well. We can supply you Dried Chicory Cubes, Roast & Ground Chicory Powder, Chicory Extract(Liquid), Spray Dried Chicory Powder, Roasted Chicory Cubes & Roasted Chicory Granules at a very competitive rate. Roasting is being done by Lilla Roaster(imported from Brazil). All the Roasters are LPG fired for uniform roasting of the product.

As informed you that we are now in Moscow and so if you can give us some time we will be happy to meet you and talk to you in details. We are already supplying to major company in Russia like Napayak, OKrug Sveta and many others.

The Health-Giving Coffee

The goodness of coffee can not be summed up in a single phrase. Many people assume that content of caffeine in coffee harm health, but its not like that. Coffee contains antioxidants that increases our metabolism rate and also assist in improving health. Few major benefits of coffee are:

  • It lowers the risk of many diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes type 2, Alzheimer's disease etc.
  • It helps in increasing fiber intake.
  • It cuts down the post workout muscle pain by approx 48%.
  • It reduces depression and stress.

Quality Measures

Nowadays, we see markets being flooded with adulterated coffee products but our healthy coffee offerings are not the same. They are full of right flavors with the assurance of originality. One sip of coffee made from our quality-assured coffee beans can infuse freshness in your whole day. Being quality focused, we continuously assure the quality improvement programs to establish a high quality line of coffee products. From procuring the best ingredients to adopting proper manufacturing methods, we do everything under the abidance of food and safety quality norms. Our team of quality controllers keenly supervise each and every stage of production process to erase possibilities of defects. We as a customer focused supplier also have proper warehouse with hygiene packaging facility of our products to serve the best.

Why Us?

To give remarkable coffee products for a perfect coffee drinking experience is our main aim. We use finest ingredients to produce our final products under the guidance of well trained staff. Our production takes place under hygienic conditions which makes our range safer to consume. At every stage, we have a proper quality check to assure our clients that we serve them with the best coffee products. The storage spaces are also equipped with sterilizing equipments to keep the products safe from any contamination. The flavors we supply, give various styles of coffee to explore with different tastes and preferences.

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