Tea Premixes

Our range of Tea Premixes is nice option to experience impressive health benefits of various herbs and spices. Available in different flavors, these premixes have been specially produced to keep original taste and aroma of used spices and herbs intact. Simple to prepare, all these premixes have several therapeutic values. Besides acting as stress busters, ingredients of these Tea Premixes have rejuvenating effect on mind and body. Apart from their energy boosting properties, these herbs and spices based products are effective in controlling blood sugar and in fortifying immunity. Standard of these items has been tested on the basis of their shelf life, purity, processing technique etc.
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3in1 Cardamom Tea Premix

Price: 575 INR/Carton

It is a mixture of freshly ground cardamom with the best quality of Instant tea with Milk and sugar, the natural flavour and aroma of Cardamom awakens the senses with every sip that the mind gets so delighted with pleasure as if the buds of sunflower faces the sun in the morning.

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3in1 Premix Ginger Tea

Price: 225 INR/Box

The ginger tea is made up of the extract of the freshly cultivated ginger from ASSAM, MEGHALAYA, KARNATAKA and the combination of the INSTANT TEA of the best quality which gives you refreshingly awesome taste of both the flavour of tea and ginger.

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2 in1 Premix Lemon Tea

Price: 155 INR/Box

Made with all natural flavour of lemon and the instant tea freshly extracted from high quality ASSAM tea which gives a refreshing taste. Wandering through lemon groves, the gentle aroma of citrus fills the mouth. The zingy taste of lemon makes the day of the person refreshed.

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3in1 Premix Masala Tea

Price: 225 INR/Box

It gives the taste of the traditional Indian spices with an aroma of the Assam tea in this pack and you also get to know about the north Indian way of drinking tea their taste, and the aroma. It will give you the feeling of a north Indian homemade tea.

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2 in1 Premix Masaledar Lemon Tea

Price: 155 INR/Bag

Made with the natural flavour of lemon mixed with an Indian masalas which gives the taste of both lemon and masala with the finest aroma of tea to serve you with a different blend of tea.

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3in1 Premix Kadak Tea

Price: 230 INR/Box

The Instant Karak Tea is an unique combination of the instant tea extracted from the various top quality of ASSAM tea with the best quality of milk to give you the best taste and aroma. Feeling is like sitting in the CHAI BAGANS of ASSAM.

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3in1 Premix Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Price: 230 INR/Box

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea is an aromatic tea which will keep you warm on a chilly winter day. In India, the best way to beat the winter chills is a hot cup of tea. So, we bring you the recipe of this traditional Kashmiri tea. This hot beverage recipe is prepared using Kashmiri green tea powder, water, cinnamon and green cardamom and saffron. The addition of saffron and green cardamom gives an alluring fragrance to the tea. The spices make the tea strong which also keep the health woes at bay. It is a healthy drink that will give a boosts to your immune system.

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2 in1 Premix Lemon Grass Tea

Price: 280 INR/Box

Lemongrass tea is an herbal tea made from the same plant that is used to produce lemongrass oil, culinary herbs, and citronella candles.used as a culinary herb to add flavor to dishes and as an herbal remedy for a host of ailments. Lemongrass tea boasts a unique lemony flavor without the tart bite.

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3in1 Premix Herbal Tea

Price: 300 INR/Box

Herbal teasless commonly called tisanes are beverages made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water. They do not usually contain caffeine


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